25 years. What can you say about Camp Chaos that hasn't already been said in 300 pages of police reports? It seems hard to believe, but this is our 25th annual family camping trip. Back then Nick was about one week away from taking his first breath and Rob Kaplan was 6 months away from having his first drink (legally, that is). So many fun memories, so many embarrassing memories. We have a few surprises planned, but please feel free to enhance our experience by bringing your own surprises (hint, 25th anniversary is the "silver" anniversary and I've had my eye on a solid-silver Xbox 360 for quite some time).

This year we have a group site at Big Basin State Park. Here is a link to information about the park and directions. Fair warning-- CA park fees have significantly increased this year (although it's still quite a bargain and we'll soon we'll be eligible for the Senior Citizen Discount). The weekend is August 12, 13, and 14. The reservation is under the Myers name.



* The founder of recreational camping was Thomas Holding, who wrote the first Campers Handbook in 1908.
* Scientists who've been studying raccoons say they're definitely up to something.
* Currently, there is only one American alive named Mason Chesla.
* The 1991 family camping trip was cancelled due to high pollen count.
* While it is true Will Rogers said, "I never met a man I didn't like", he never met Jeff Myers.
* Bears can smell fear--and pie.
* Mark Kaplan can fit 35 golf balls in his mouth.
* The biggest American fear is public speaking. The second is getting stuck sleeping next to Chris's "snore" tent.
* Paul Myers has a small tattoo just above his ankle of Justin Bieber.





Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear At Summer Camp

1. "By the end of archery we need enough squirrels for grilling"
2. "My toothbrush, your toothbrush, what's the difference?"
3. "That video of the bear eating your leg is on YouTube"
4. "Your parents didn’t tell you this was fat camp?"
5. "Good news -- we're on the cover of 'Lyme Disease' magazine"
6. "Children, please enjoy the comedy stylings of Jacob Dudziak!"
7. "Across the lake to the east is the girls' camp; across the lake to the west is the state hospital for the criminally insane"
8. "As soon as my hair grows back, I'm pressing charges"
9. "Welcome to Hell, punks"
10. "Thanks to global warming, this year I'll be camping without pants”






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