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Our famous annual tradition is almost upon us. As many of you know, it is the second weekend in August (10, 11, & 12th). This year it will be held at...wait a minute, didn't you read the last bulletin??!! Well in case you forgot, it will be held at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. Where is that you ask?


The link for directions is below. If you get lost, look for one of the following:

1. A large recognizable landmark, such as Brian's tent.

2. Tom Burke's remains along the roadside, still griping the map in his dying hand.

3. A campsite that looks like a Serbian interment camp.

4. Our flag (see below)





As always, it's bring your own food and booze (not to say I won't mix a few for close personal friends). We have four campsites together so when you get there, you'll probably find us but I'll try to post a note on the bulletin board.


Saving the world one campsite at a time








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Top Signs Your Kid Is At A Bad Summer Camp

  • Camp Letters home signed "Prisoner #325"

  • Sounds disappointed when he mentions almost being bitten by a deadly snake

  • He's been roasting Prozac over the campfire

  • When you visit, proudly shows off tunnel he's digging under cabin

  • Camp director phones and says, "We're concerned about Psycho, I mean your son"

  • "Craft time" is 14 hours of making counterfeit Nikes

  • His name: "Robby"; his nickname: "Robby, the kid who makes the funniest noise when punched in the stomach"

  • Makes flashlight hand shadows using only middle finger

  • He's lost 150 pounds, and he's not at fat camp

  • He's been reading Mark Kaplanís autobiography for inspiration.

  • He's introduced to bunkmates' parents who say, "Oh, so this is the fat loser we've heard so much about"

  • Watches film "The Great Escape" over and over, carefully taking notes

  • Building a full-size escape raft out of popsicle sticks

  • Ranger is wearing a rubber biohazard suit

  • Hard to hear anything over constant ambulance sirens



As shown by the age of this photo, these two clowns have been on way too many camping trips together: