Hold onto your wigs and keys, it's time for Camp Chaos 2001!


This is the first formal announcement of our beloved annual event for 2001. And what an event it will be. I can't reveal too much yet, but here is what is known so far:


Where: Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. The good news is California cut the cost of camping in half; the bad news is that now it's bringing the low-income campers out in droves. My point is that almost every campsite was reserved months ago. And there were virtually no group sites to be had. So we got four sites together (since the price was cut, we secured an extra site so we could fit Brian McLean's tent--but more on that later).



When: Say it with me now...


More details will be coming soon.


International Man of Leisure



Now, on with the fun...


Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Hear At This Year's Camping Trip

1. "Here's $20. When the rangers come, you've never heard of me"

2. "If you don't wash your hands, it gives the burgers more flavor"

3. "Just because this is a family camping trip and you're my brother doesn't automatically mean you're invited"

4. "Two announcements -- we'll be discussing George Bush's tax plan and we're out of beer"

5. "I hope no one minds -- I just brought what was left over from last year's cole slaw"

6. "I would enjoy this cheeseburger so much more if I didn't know that they ran out of cheese an hour ago"

7. The bad news is Uncle Paul's dead; the good news is, he's delicious!"

8. "Before you eat, would everyone mind signing this waiver exempting me from any and all legal damages?"

9. "That's a meatless burger, unless you consider pig ears to be meat"

10. "Very funny! Who put the canary in the bug zapper?"



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