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Report: Media Coverage Of Bear Attacks May Be Biased

California-According to a report released Monday by the media-watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, U.S. media coverage of bear attacks is biased, with 98 percent of such reports taking the side of the attacked humans. "The media in this country are blatantly anti-bear," FAIR director Lynette Pierce said. "Virtually every time a bear is taunted, harassed or provoked into lashing out at humans, the bear is depicted in the media as the aggressor." The report went on to state that out of the 411 cases of bear-human conflicts in the last year, humans were victorious in 410 cases.


Rangers Quarantine Homesick Campers
CAMP CHAOS, CA- Park rangers at Camp Chaos say a potentially dangerous outbreak of homesickness has been contained. Campers infected by "sudden acute attacks of missing their home" were safely quarantined Saturday before the disease could spread.

"We believe the disease arrived in a box of ice-oatmeal cookies, which we have since isolated," said park ranger, Mike Essel, who oversaw the 2004 treatment of a campfire ghost story-related outbreak of the heebie-jeebies. "Once you see the first couple of chins quivering, you gotta hustle them off quick." Essel confirmed that the bodies of the four campers who succumbed to the homesickness outbreak were incinerated according to CDC guidelines.