It's a camping treasure hunt!!

Avast, ye Land Lubbers! This is the most feared Treasure Hunt on the Seven Seas!

We have been planning and preparing for this event for months. But it's still the most ill-conceived adventure game since the Snipe-Hunt disaster of '92.

There will actually be two treasure hunts: one for the kids at dusk, and one for the adults after dark. This ain't one of those wimpy Boyscout treasure hunts; this involves genuine danger and lots of pirate booty*.


*All taxes, customs fees, etc. are the responsibility of the winner.

By entering you are giving SUPERDUDE, Inc. and sponsors the permission to use your name and likeness in promotional material without compensation.

Prizes should arrive to winners in 6-8 weeks.

Employees, families, and friends of SUPERDUDE, Inc. are ineligible for prizes.