There comes a time in life to put away childish things…









…this is not one of those times.




It's time for some long overdue, morally reprehensible, socially irresponsible fun:


It's only a few weeks away folks. The 13th annual Group Camping trip will be at Portola Redwoods State park on August 13th, 14th, and 15th. That's the second weekend in August for those keeping score. This time the site holds up to 50 people; plenty of room for the main attraction (see below). It will be at the "Point Group" site. There are pay showers, so bring those quarters. See you there!

Peace, love, and practical jokes,

Protector, romancer, dynamite dancer




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Last year you saw the rare Golden-Rumped Doug!@#$% in National Geographic. Here you will see documented proof of an even more exotic species; a most unusual phenomenon indeed.

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Click here to see some bumper stickers from last year's camping trip

-Park details & directions



-Even more details & directions

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Top 10 Group Camping Pet Peeves

-When that prankster Tom Burke fills your sleeping bag with chocolate pudding

-The super-slippery ax

-You buy a great-looking pair of Spider-Man pajamas, but when you put them on, they don't give you spider strength

-Bug-repellant-scented scratch 'n sniff stickers

-When barbecuing, Tom Dudziak's apron reads "Kiss the chef or you will be put to death"

-Only friend is inflatable "camping partner" (pet peeve of Paul only)

-Brian always trying to light the barbecue with Napalm

-For an extra kick, Castellon boys fill water balloons with nitroglycerine

-Each cabin is named after a different member of the Burke family

-The water level in the lake rises whenever Rob Kaplan flushes the toilet

-Have to toast marshmallows by laying them on the exhaust pipe of Jeff's car

-Camp's Indian name translates to "Land of the Giant Ticks"




Comments and suggestions are more than welcome, but hold the flames - I have no marshmallows yet.