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Now that we have that out of the way, on with the details. The good news is that we have a group camp site that is so big, it's estimated to have enough room for Brian McLean to pitch his six-bedroom tent. (This year, he's added a guest house out back.) As some of you inquiring types already know, the location of Camp Chaos this year will be at Big Basin State Park.




That's right, we're determined to keep going back to Big Basin until Tom Burke can find it, or until Tomar is old enough to drive him there. This year we've equiped Tom with a GPS system, a pack of bloodhounds, and an Indian tracking guide. Good luck Tom.

The name of our group site is "Sky Meadow", which is a developed group site.

My attorneys have advised me that I cannot provide you with actual directions, but Homer here can show you some good information about the park, including maps:


This next link is pretty nice, click below to go to the "virtual parks" web page and then click on one of the links on the page to see an interactive panoramic view (assuming your browser has the right plug-in).

Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


4th grade class president



Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Hear At This Year's Camp Chaos

10. "If you've eaten one of Danny's brownies, please go immediately to the freak-out tent"

9. "It's me, Aunt Susan -- you remember me from last year as Uncle Jeff"

8. "Which do you want first, kids, s'mores or the name of your real father?"

7. "Why do you keep making quotation marks with your fingers whenever you say 'barbecue sauce'?"

6. "Pick up your pants, Mark -- that's not how you put out a campfire"

5. "Dang! We's all out of moonshine. Time to break out the jello shots"

4. "If anyone doesn't like the Backstreet Boys, we also have an 'N Sync CD"

3. "And now for the entertainment -- an old episode of 'Sanford & Son' I taped"

2. "We're sorry Jeff, but we've voted you out of the family -- you'll have to leave immediately"

1. "Hey, why do these poppy seeds have legs?"




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