It's been 14 years of fun.  Hard to believe.  14 years ago, it was just an evil thought in my mind.  When Family Camping first debuted in 1986, it was met with all the enthusiasm of a hepatitis outbreak. Now 14 years later, we've gone through 2,154 iced-oatmeal cookies, 9 inappropriate uses of the word pants, 5 untimely ejection's from the park, one occurrence of naked jet-skiing, two gag orders, one lost liquor license, and 14 glorious trackball victories by Jeff.

It started with "Family Camping". As more and more friends began to participate, we expanded the name to "Group Camping". Along the way, we picked a few nicknames like "Jason Takes Big Basin", "Jeff's Def Camping Jam", "Death Camp 2000", and finally, "Death Camp 2000 Extreme".

But now it's the new millennium and we've got to retire the old names. The contest to rename our annual summer event was a huge success. Many thanks to those that participated. It was a tie for second place. Here are the two semi-finalists:














Any now, in accordance with prophecy, the new official name of our annual camping event for the new millennium and beyond is…

(click below to unveil)