This August 10th, 11th, and 12th, we will be camping at Sugar Pine Point State Park in the north Tahoe area. Important: if you are thinking about bringing someone outside of your family with you, please let me know ASAP as this site has a limited amount of room (even though it is a group site). Here is some info about the park, weather (remember it gets cold at night, so pack some warm PJ's), and directions.

Sugar Pine Point State Park Services & Amenities:

* Bicycle Riding
* Boating (Duh! It is Lake Tahoe)
* Comfort Station (no, I don't know what this means?)
* Cultural Activities (not with this group)
* Dump Station (probably not what you think Paul)
* Fire Rings (we like fire!)
* Fishing (Duh!)
* Group Camping (that's us!)
* Handicap Access (sorry Johnny, there's no Mentally handicapped parking)
* Hiking (one would hope...)
* Iron Ranger (I can't make this stuff up people)
* Nature Trails (but sadly, no "Nature Trail To Hell")
* Parking (good for those who won't be walking here from the Bay Area)
* Ranger Station (insert own joke here)
* Restrooms (one would hope!)
* Showers (Yay!)

There is some talk about having a pot-luck dinner Saturday night, which Jill will be coordinating. She will contact you individually if it happens. Also, several people will be getting to the area a day early.

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