Camp Chaos 2006 Information; Part Deux.

This is your last and final announcement for the big summer event. It will be held at Big Basin State Park, where the original "Jason Takes Big Basin" was filmed back in '86. We are at the "Group Standard 50 People Developed Group Camp Site", whatever that means. The site is "nonspecific", so inquire upon arrival at the gate. Again the date (for those keeping score) is the weekend of August 12th. Here is a link to information about the park and directions. Note that CA park fees have almost doubled this year (although it's still quite a bargain).

Please don't come prepared to BE entertained, but rather come prepared TO entertain. After 20 years of planing these things, I need a break. I haven't felt this much pressure to perform since my wedding night! So now it's your turn to give something back to the camping community. Entertain me...please (note: this is not intended to provoke pranks directed towards me).



Jeff Myers


Major Events at the time of the first year of the official group camping trip

* John and Denise (AKA "It will never last") Kaplan marry in San Francisco

* Nuclear disaster at Chernobyl
* Marcos flees the Philippines
* Space Shuttle Challenger explodes in midair
* Iran Contra Affair

Popular Music
1. "That's What Friends Are For" ... Dionne Warwick and Friends
2. "How Will I Know" ... Whitney Houston
3. "Kryie" ... Mr. Mister
5. "These Dreams" ... Heart
6. "Rock Me Amadeus" ... Falco
7. "Kiss" ... Prince
8. "Addicted to Love" ... Robert Palmer
9. "West End Girls" ... Pet Shop Boys
10. "Greatest Love of All" ... Whitney Houston

Top Ten Movies
1. Aliens
2. An American Tail
3. Back to School
4. Cobra
5. The Color of Money
6. The Color Purple
7. Crocodile Dundee
8. Down and Out in Beverly Hills
9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
10. The Golden Child




Caption contest winner...

"Now departing Camp Chaos"




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