Top Ten Things Overheard At Camp Chaos


"Wanna see why they call me bubbles"




"Can you check me for ticks?"




"Nothing protects you from the sun like a good coating of mustard"




Sorry Paul, after 3 hours, it's no longer called "resting your eyes"




"I took a leak on that exact spot about an hour ago"



"Run for your lives -- the squirrels are attacking!"




"Well, well, two Kaplan brothers. I feel like I'm in a Raisin Bran commercial...two scoops of fruit"




"How do you like your raccoon?"




"Remember, don't take your pants off...don't take your pants off...don't take your pants off..."




"Would you mind rubbing sunblock on my hard-to-reach places?"




"I was right, booze does make the camping trip better"




"Is this my hamburger or one of the charcoal briquettes?"



"Thanks for posting my bail"



"Just act natural, a few of us are thinking about busting out of here tonight"




"What did you do wrong to have your parents send you here?"




"Pass the gin"




"Another camping trip, another crappy top ten list from Jeff"