Your worst fears have come true. It's back!

If 'fun' weren't already a word, we'd have to invent it to describe this year's trip. We'll be desecrating Folsom Lake State Park this year (directions below). We got a big group site this time. How big you ask? Well lets just say is so big, it could accommodate most of Teri Burke's children.

If someone asks you what you doing the second weekend in August, please state that you're already booked (and then quickly change the subject before they embarrass you by asking why). This trip, we're going to have a contest for the kids and the winner gets to throw a pie in Jeff's face (no joke!). Also, since last year's film was such a success, we're getting all the kids involved in next years big film project. Pre-production work, location scouting, and storyboarding is already under way.


Putting the "Super" in Superdude for over 42 years

Details of Folsom Lake and directions (Note; we've got the Negro Bar Group Camp):


I don't want to say that we've been having these trips for a long time, but...






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We miss you on these trips Matt!



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1. Yellowjacket Meadows
2. Fallenleaf Poison Oak campground
3. Pit toilet Group site B
4. Ant's Basin State Park
5. Acid leak Creek
6. J Dog State Recreational Area
7. Lake Annoyance
8. The Stop 'n' Squat Kountry Kampground
9. Big Fat Boys Redwood State Park
10. Sadam Husain Memorial Park