Time again for some camping fun. Our annual fiasco will be at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. Home of swimming pools, warm showers, private flush toilets, and Nazi Rangers. The date is August 9-11. Space is very limited, so we will all have to stay in Brian McLean's tent. OK, maybe not that limited. But seriously, we have 31 people and the group site only holds 30. We may have to feed some of the smaller children to the bears. Please do not bring one tent per kid! As previously discussed, there are two handicapped sites unreserved, but they are only available if no cripples show up that day (Jim Burke made me put that last slur in there). Directions and details on other activities are below.


Funk lord



There will be a pre-camping gathering on Friday for those that want to participate.

Click on the clue below to find out the details:



Many of you have seen the camping movies that have been produced for the last two years (if you haven't, I can make copies for those interested). Production values have increased significantly recently with more sophisticated computer software and digital camcorders. Mason is my evil apprentice and we'll both be up to no good. Expect more than one camera to be rolling full time this year!






Top 5 Best Features Of Camp Chaos
1. Still has that "new camp" smell
2. The loosest slots in the State Park system
3. Free "Camp Chaos" tote bag for millionth camper
4. Nightly turndown service includes a squirrel on your pillow
5. Midnight performances by drunken entertainer Paul Myers


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Camp Chaos Quiz

a) Terrified of bees

b) Couldn't afford a regular hat

c) Desperate to win camp talent contest

c) Agreeing to pose for this photo



  1. Top Ten Signs A Guest At Your Camp Is A Spy
    1. He introduces himself as "00-Robby."
    2. Keeps whispering into the potato salad.
    3. Embarrassing slip up -- refers to A-1 Sauce as "The B-1 Bomber."
    4. Seems oddly knowledgeable about who wants a burger and who wants a hot dog.
    5. Kid who beats him in sack race sent to Siberian prison.
    6. Asks if the grill has a gyroscopic laser guidance system.
    7. Wears an apron which reads, "Kiss the spy."
    8. You ask him how he likes his burger -- he bites down on a cyanide tablet.
    9. After a couple drinks starts telling you nuclear launch codes.
    10. He seems awfully interested in the Titan missiles you keep in the shed.




Now this is what I call camping!!