Get ready campers, this summer the Chaos is back! We will be camping somewhere in the Lake Tahoe area this August 10th, 11th 12th. More information coming in our Summer '07 Camp Chaos edition.

How do we keep the camping comedy so fresh? We only use the best, low-brow, grade-A jokes. So without further delay, here you go...




Sun Safety Tips

When camping rolls around this summer, everybody wants that perfect tan—but it's important to play it smart. Here are some tips for safe, sensible tanning:


Block out harmful UV rays with giant magnifying glass.

If your last name is "Kaplan", make sure you wear a white t-shirt in the pool.

Always sit at least 100 yards from sun.

UV rays can damage the corneas; don't forget to rub a good sunscreen into your eyes.

Risk of sunburn is especially high while swimming; strap on a thick lead suit before entering water.

Before going outside, check sun's strength by placing test baby in driveway for 1/2 hour.

Avoid harmful UV rays; live underground until your descendants evolve into eyeless, albino mole people.

Stabbings, while tanning or not, are very dangerous—avoid them.

For those raised in a red-sun environment, yellow sun may cause superpowers; use only for good.

Tanning is safest when done in short spurts; disrobe for just a couple of seconds every few blocks while walking through town.

Avoid suntanning on inner planets like Mercury and Venus.




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