Greetings fellow campers and camper Wanna-Be's. It is time. Time to get busy thinking about this year's annual camping trip. I've received a lot of requests for different locations, so this year I've been doing some serious thinking about this issue (not really, of course; I've been playing Nintendo), and I've been able to secure the most requested area of all. Lake Tahoe! Specifically, D. L. Bliss group camping (50 person capacity, conveniently located near the water and several casino buffets). This is a fully developed camp site for all you neat freaks (ahem, Rob Kaplan). Camping has apparently become a bit competitive here in CA. I had to make the reservation the first hour of the first day exactly seven months prior to the date. Thanks for "The Govinator", camping fees have also gone up substantially. But have no fear, it's still a bargain. You'll also be happy to know that your contribution entitles you to a free DVD of the event (a 10-cent value!!!).

One more important fact; this year it's going to be on the second weekend it August. Yes, really.

As always, additional details will follow next month.


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Top Ten Questions Most Frequently Asked At The Weber Grill Hotline
10. "Can I eat the charcoal briquettes?"
9. "What do you do if you get your tongue caught on the grill?"
8. "How long will it take for my eyebrows to grow back?"
7. "Ain't hot dogs tasty?"
6. "My annoying brother-in-law's been here since 10am -- how can I get rid of him?"
5. "Will I find love this year?" (Note: Weber Hotline is one digit from Miss Cleo Psychic Hotline)
4. "How do I cook pancakes on this damn thing?"
3. "This is Mrs. Weber -- may I speak to my husband, please?"
2. "Propane... Leaking... Send... Help"
1. "Lea and Perrins -- gay?"