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This time it was tough. California's state park reservation system allows for you to reserve a park as far ahead as seven month. As you may have heard, on February 1, the system received a record number of calls. The first hour of the first day, I was simultaneously on the phone & on the Internet trying to get through. When I finally did get through, my first two choices were taken. Number three was a charm. I was snickering that I finally beat the system until 7 weeks later I got a call from the reservation system telling me that they were refunding my money because the park was closed this year for maintenance. Doh! By now surely all the remaining group sites were taken (at least in Northern California). Well I guess I got lucky because I got one of the last remaining group sites in a reasonable location.

I can tell you where the site is, but I won't tell you when the big event is. You'll have to wait until next month's Internet posting. But for now I'll give you a hint that it is the same weekend as usual; I'll leave you in suspense until then!

This year, the location is going to be at Disneyland! (This is actually a rouse to get Janet to go; the real location is Folsom Lake.) More details to follow next month.

And now, on with the fun.


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