Dear campers,

For the first time in many years, we're back at Bothe Napa State Park! We have a group site as usual. It includes showers, swimming pool...all the waterworks! (You have to pay $5 per person to swim, you don't have to pay if you're just hanging around.) To be fair to everyone going forward, day use visitors (ie. those too old or lazy to camp!) should pay 1/2 the fee per person for one night. For example, if the park fee per day for those staying overnight is $20 per person, those visiting for the afternoon should pay $10 per person. The group site is reserved under my name. We have this site for 3 nights, starting Thursday August 9th. Avoid the rush of setting up your equipment by coming a day early and relax!!


Jeff Myers, Licensed Camp Counselor



The most popular slang word the year of our first group camping trip is “Radness” (the '80s were all about being rad, and the state of being rad is clearly "radness")




* Find cool, secluded aisle at Walgreens and generously slather on any of the wide variety of moisturizers available on the shelves

* Reduce any epidermal redness by applying a thick layer of white acrylic or eggshell latex paint (Paul only)

* Place body in cool, dark hole under 5 to 6 feet of dirt

* For true pain relief, morphine is really the only way to go, or obviously heroin if you can get it

* Dip skin into a bath of beaten egg & then coat rest of surface in protective bread crumbs, which will keep your body moist and juicy with a nice crunch

* Sharing a bed may be uncomfortable, so divorce your spouse

* Stay hydrated with a scalding shower or by pouring a tea kettle of boiling water over sunburned areas while soaking in a jacuzzi

* Sunburn can be incredibly painful, so make sure to allow the skin to heal and avoid directly touching the sun

* Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, but make sure to consume all of the packaging for the full effect

* Come to the realization that your burns will never truly heal and that this is just what your life is like now





Remember this?





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