Dearest family & friends,

For the first time in many years, we have a change in venue. This year we'll be staying at Caswell Memorial State Park near Manteca. We have a group site as usual. It is a 'developed' site (comfort station and showers accessible only by the group site). It is reserved under my name. We have this site for 3 nights, starting Thursday August 10th. Avoid the rush of setting up your equipment by coming a day early!! As you can see from this image, the Stanislaus River river snakes through the park:

As we did last year, we will again be adding some 'structure' to have some cohesive experiences together. To that end, we're having a short group activity late Saturday morning that will be a surprise for now, but guaranteed to be lots of fun!


Jeff Myers, Molecular Mixologist





10. "We're out of charcoal-- light up a tire"
9. "Who wants to lick the grill?"
8. "That ain't lemonade"
7. "We do not yet know who created the super intelligent squirrels"
6. "Ten minutes until lockdown"
5. "Why is my hot dog wearing nailpolish?"
4. "Heimlich!"
3. "Look-Jeff's here"
2. "Hello 9-1-1? It's me again"
1. "Please, mom, put your top on"



Nope, sorry



Remember this?



GMO bees!



Top Reasons to Watch the New Camp Chaos Movie
* 50% more grab-ass and tomfoolery
* It's even more High Definitioner!
* If you get the Immunity Idol, you cannot get kicked off at the Tribal Council or whatever - look, we're in our 31st year. I'm tired.
* Economy stinks, too hot outside - what else you gonna do?
*30 campers; one toilet
* It's the only place you can see stuff like this:



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