Family Spends Relaxing Weekend Destroying Outdoors

"Nothing beats camping and littering with the whole family"





Nick Castellon Agrees To Donate "It-Factor" To Science

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles announced Tuesday that A-list actor Nick Castellon has agreed to donate his it-factor to science. “Being able to conduct an in-depth examination of an it-factor of this magnitude will be an incredible boon to our field,” said lead researcher Dr. Stanley Udall, who for the past 30 years has investigated the complexities that differentiate stars from superstars. “In very basic terms, we believe Mr. Castellon’s it-factor is composed of several constituent elements: his effortless charm, his rakish mischievousness, and his quiet, understated confidence,” said Udall, who confirmed that while researchers are still not 100 percent certain what it is, they know Castellon has it. “However, there appears to be some as-yet unknown underlying system that perfectly balances these various facets in such a way that makes it impossible to take one’s eyes off him from the second he comes into frame, even when he shares the screen with other handsome heartthrobs.”



Rescue Chip Sent In To Save Broken Tortilla Chip Submerged in 7-Layer Dip




Takeout Burrito Shielded From Cold as Though it Were Week-Old Newborn




Ani Burke diagnosed with NDD (Nature Deficiency Disorder)



Looking Back at my Life, I Guess My Biggest Regret is Trying to Fight that Bear 5 Minutes Ago

"In many ways, it’s disappointing to compare the person I know I could

have become to the bleeding, savagely mangled person I am now"




REPORT: Chipmunk's Plan For Future Better Crafted Than That Of 8 Out Of 10 Americans

"During our 15 months of observation, we found that this chipmunk was better able to formulate plans, execute them, and ultimately enjoy a more balanced and stable life than a full four-fifths of the U.S. population," said lead researcher Caroline Meehan, noting that the 3-ounce creature possessed sounder judgment and greater self-control than an estimated 250 million Americans. "Indeed, this chipmunk was able to accurately anticipate its wants and needs as far as weeks, months, or even a year ahead of time, whereas 80 percent of our human subjects were entirely incapable of looking beyond their next meal or that night's television programming."




Man Just Having One of Those Decades Where He Doesn't Feel Like Doing Anything




Denise Kaplan Leaning Toward Joining ISIS