Good news, this year we'll be staying at one of our favorite sites again, CALAVERAS BIG TREES. We have the larger of the two group sites, like last year. This is a fully developed group site with showers onsite and electricity (in the bathrooms). It is reserved under my name, Sir Jeffrey Myers, Esquire.

A few important updates...we have this site for one extra day, starting Thursday August 13th. Avoid the rush of setting up your equipment by coming a day early!! Based on previous successes, we will again be adding some 'structure' to have some cohesive experiences together. To that end, we're having a short group activity late Saturday morning that will be a surprise for now, but guaranteed to be lots of fun!

See you there!





Top Seven Least Popular Camping Snacks
1. Cool Ranch Yogurt
2. Asbestos Brittle
3. Nickels
4. Jill's cookies
5. Barbecue-Starter Flavored Pringles
6. One long, sustained pull from the ketchup bottle
7. Paint Chips Ahoy!





Paul's First Camping Trip:



Johnny has surely found a way to keep an eye on our camping trips




Top Ten Questions Most Frequently Answered, "Bacon"
10. "Gosh, you look great Robbie! What's your secret?"
9. "Why not become a vegetarian?"
8. "Did you smell anything right before the stroke?"
7. "Kevin Who?"
6. "What was the top-selling pork product in 1962?"
5. "Is there anything Republicans and Democrats can agree on?"
4. "What should I bait the trap with?"
3. "Cause of death?"
2. "Why hasn't Jeff's lap-band surgery worked?"
1. "Would you like anything with your bacon?"



Milestones in camping:

2008: Mark's first beer




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