This year, we will be staying at one of our favorite sites again, CALAVERAS BIG TREES. We have the larger of the two group sites, like last year. And unlike last year, we have it legitimately. This is a fully developed group site. It is reserved under my name.

A few important updates...we have this site for one extra day, starting Thursday August 7th. Avoid the rush of setting up your equipment by coming a day early!! For the second year in a row, we will be adding some 'structure' to have some cohesive experiences together. To that end, we're having a short group activity late Saturday morning that will be a surprise for now, but guaranteed to be lots of fun!



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CAMP CHAOS TRIVIA: The camping trip used to always be the FIRST weekend in August, but the annual reggae festival was on the same weekend. To avoid conflicting interests, we moved our camping trips to the second weekend in August.





Top Ten Signs You're At a Bad Summer BBQ

10. The hamburger in your bun just winked at you

9. Instead of grill marks on the meat, you see tire marks

8. It's Taliban vs. Al-Qaeda in the volleyball game

7. Jill won't stop complaining that she doesn't like meat

6. Jeff asks how "gamey" you like your squirrel

5. The invitation says "BYOBBQ"

4. Judy asks if you want a thigh, leg or arm

3. Paul is using his own sweat to baste the baby back ribs

2. No one could afford fuel for the grill

1. It's in February





Family Portrait:



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