This year, we will be staying at one of our favorite sites, CALAVERAS BIG TREES. We have the smaller of the two group sites, but it is still pretty large. This is a fully developed group site. It is reserved under my name.

A few important updates...we have this site for one extra day, starting Thursday August 8th. At this point, at least 14 people are going early so feel free to avoid the rush of setting up your equipment by coming a day early. Also, we wanted to add some 'structure' to have some cohesive experiences together. To that end, we're having a short group activity late Saturday morning that will be a surprise for now, but guaranteed to be lots of fun!



1. Don't drain cold water from ice chest; recently melted ice keeps food and drinks cold. Melted ice water preserves ice better than empty air space.
2. After her children, Judy Dudziak's second love is Keno
3. The metric system was doomed due to America's love of foot-long hotdogs
4. Nick Castellon is the only Camp Chaos camper ever to host Saturday Night Live
5. The baby pictured on the Gerber label is a young Jim Burke
6. Jill Chesla is a "person of interest" in several unsolved camping-related homicides
7. Until 1971, Rangers made their money mostly on tips
8. Aside from Mankind, the raccoon is the only animal that flosses
9. In 1989, People Magazine named Rob Kaplan the Sexiest Man Alive.
10. Jeff will retire two percent financially better-off due to savings in hair cuts







Classic pic from our last trip to Calaverous Big Trees in 2010:


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