Thanks to everyone for their help in participating (especially Rob) by sharing their thoughts and photos!  I'm also thankful for the time spent with Nancy Kaplan going over some of this material. 
Special thanks to Kristie who let me spend countless hours ignoring her to finish this long project.


Johnny:   June 15, 2001 9:52 PM
What a great job - as always! 

As I'm reading through the Web site, clicking on all the links, I'm amazed at the amount of material that Jeff had to choose from.  It really is great.  It's times like this that I wish I was the type of person who keeps stuff.  I'm not.  Jeff, thanks for making this available to all of us.
Alf:   June 21, 2001 8:36 PM
Thanks a bunches is fascinating to read about Matt..... I knew
Matt from about 1987 when I met him at San Francisco State University via
Sam Romero. is real fascinating to see how much he was alike himself as a young
gentle man as to when he grew up as a man.   I spent countless hours on the
phone with Matt as well...discussing different points of views and having
some very deep, personal and enriching conversations.  Matt also very often
helped composing letters and not the least help me with my resume and cover
letters as I was HUNTING for Internships and jobs after graduating from SFSU.

Matt and I also went on several walks to Fort Funston together walking
Charlie...Matt loved it out there and I met several of Matt's
"dog-walker-friends" while there.   Matt and I had a Very Strong interest
in animals, and for me, especially dogs....I love dogs and Matt and I
definitely shared that part together too.

I just listened to Matt and the recording....quite amusing...   I recognized the way he used to say....Oh...shut Upppp! ;-)....  I guess it stuck with him in to the later years ;-)

Anyway...I am really enjoying reading about Matt and I was cracking up
about all the Funny little stories ...especially the once mentioning Matt
and him ALWAYS being late....late, late....late.  But he did it in style ;-)

I think about him very often and miss him very much too.

Take care Jeff and I actually did not know that Matt and you were That
close....that is great....not many people have that relationship ...even
during an entire, full life.  I am sure he is watching out for you in a
special way.

I will be checking in every now and then, please keep me up to date if
there are big changes going on with the site.....Matt's site.
It makes it really cool to go there and Visit with Matt when I feel like it. ;-)

Jim:   June 21, 2001 8:38 PM
Jeff:  I am having one of those few evenings with everyone else in the house
out for awhile, and had the chance to at least surf through the site.  I
thought I'd feel sad, but don't.  The memories are just too warm.  I hope to
add my input some time soon, but for now, am just savoring the memories.  
What a terrific memorial.  I am proud of you.

Jill:   June 26, 2001 12:31 AM
Dear Jeff,
     I just finished checking out the web site you created for Matt.  I am blown away. I'm not sure what to say.  First of all I can't get my mind off of Matt and family and all the memories. I can't stop the tears from falling but that is not nessessarily a bad thing.  I can cry just as easily from joy as from sadness. Thank you so much for all your hard work, research, and heart. There are endless amounts of memories from my childhood that relate to Matt.  I love sharing all are silly childhood stuff with Mason.  All the cousin stuff.  All the closeness. He loves to hear the stories and I think he apprecites how he is forming memories right now with his cousins which we hold so dear,(especially as an only child). I remember like it was yesterday the codes and the shed and the tape recordings and the junk food frenzies and the animal activisms and the dough-boy pool with the always worn white tee-shirts, the church picnics.  We have all been so blessed with so much love and prosperity in our lives.  Surely the loss of Matt is one of the biggest losses any of us has had to experience.  Yet being blessed enough to have had so many years with him has given us a valuable and precious piece of life to hold on to. As I relive these memories via your web site I am privileged to have been a part of Matt's life throughout the years.  I can't believe what a memory you have and what care you have put into Matt's memorial. Thank you for the fond memories and the reminder that life is short but sweet.
             Love and Peace,


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