These web pages are dedicated to Matt Kaplan--our very much-missed friend, son, nephew, and brother (in-law). Matt's life cannot be summed up easily. Certainly nothing written in this short space could do him justice. Hopefully the sum total of pages that follow is a good beginning. It spans many different parts of his life from different perspectives. It's an upbeat approach (as you can probably tell by the background theme music). But it's incomplete without your input; you all knew Matt in different ways. Please e-mail me with your additions, comments, and suggestions. Together, we will make sure that Matt will never be forgotten.

Jeff Myers

Table of contents

Matt in his younger years -part one
Matt in his younger years -part two (includes audio)
Some of Matt's favorite things
Matt & animals
Some of Matt's least favorite things
Matt's Quirks
Matt's Photo and Video Page
"The Big C" (includes links to letters to Matt from Judy, Jeff, Rob, Johnny, and Denise)
Message board (Posts)